SalesSeek can distribute plain text (Direct) or rich HTML (Campaign) emails from within the application to predefined workspace groups.

Email campaigns are sent within the

section of SalesSeek under Mailshots -> Drafts

Once you've clicked on Drafts select

to create a new mailshot and you will see the screen below:

Direct Emails
These are emails that are usually sent to a smaller distribution list and appear in a more 'personal' format with limited images or formatting or none at all. They can include the users signature and appear as though they were sent directly from the sender to the recipient as a traditional email. They are more often used by sales people.

Direct emails are able to be sent to any group on individuals in the contacts section

Campaign Emails
These emails are generally for wider distribution and composed by marketing teams to communicate branded content such as company updates, newsletters and automated content.

If you wish to create a campaign email you can use the in-application code editor, or copy and paste the HTML content from any other editor or email composing tool you are familiar with.

Campaign emails require a mailing list to be configured prior to sending. This allows recipients to easily unsubscribe from future campaigns. For more information on unsubscribe and mailing lists, please see this article

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