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Setting up DKIM with 123-Reg
Setting up DKIM with 123-Reg

Authorise your account to send emails from your domain hosted by 123-Reg

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To allow your system to send emails from your domain, some setup is required in the DNS settings for your domain name. 

This needs to be completed by yourself in the settings provided by your domain registrar. 

Once this record has been added to your DNS settings, your system will be authorised to send emails from your domain, reducing the likelihood of your emails going into spam folders. 

Obtain Settings

Please chat with the Support Team to get the unique settings for your domain name. These settings will be valid for 14 days. If you do not complete the setting within this time period please request new settings from the Support team. 

Add DNS Record

Login to your 123-Reg dashboard, click Manage next to Domains. 

Now click Manage DNS (A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV).

Now click Advanced DNS.

You are now viewing all your DNS records for your domain. We need to add a record to this list. 

Warning: Do not edit or remove any existing records as this may prevent your website or emails working correctly.

To add a record, enter the values at the bottom of the list and click Add

You will then see your record added. 

Verifying Setting

Once you have added this record, please contact the Support Team. Once we can verify that this setting has been added correctly the campaigns feature on your account will be unlocked. 

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