What does the SageOnce Integration do?

Importing / Syncing Invoices

The first time the integration runs, all your invoices will be pulled into SalesSeek and added to the activity feed of the relevant organization. 

If the organization does not exist in SalesSeek, it will be created automatically. 

Activity feed will show a summary of the invoice, including invoice status (Sent, Open, Paid, etc). The invoice due date, value and currency. A link will also be provided to view the invoice in SageOne.

When an invoice is updated, the values will be updated in SalesSeek.

Creating Draft Invoices

When a Deal in SalesSeek is moved to Won, a draft invoice will automatically be created in SageOne. The invoice will include information from the Deal record, such as value and organization name. 

Connecting SageOne Integration

To connect SalesSeek to your SageOne account, please contact SalesSeek Support via the in-app chat, and we'll get it setup for you. 

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