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Importing MailChimp Campaigns with SalesSeek Chrome Extension
Importing MailChimp Campaigns with SalesSeek Chrome Extension

Discover how to import Mailchimp Email Campaigns into SalesSeek with the SalesSeek Google Chrome Extension

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First download the Chrome plugin if you do not have it, next create your template in MailChimp, then finally import to SalesSeek and replace merge tags. 

SalesSeek Chrome Plugin Required

MailChimp - Creating your email template 

In MailChimp, you need to create your email Template using their builder. Once you are happy with your template this needs to be added to a Campaign. To do this follow these instructions:

Navigate to Campaigns > Click Create Campaign (grey button top right) > Select 'Create an Email' from the options of campaigns > Give your Campaign an identifiable name and click 'Begin' > Add recipients (it does not matter who you add here) > Add who the email will be from > Add a Subject and Pre-text > In the Content section click the Design Email button > Select your template from the 'Saved Templates' tab > Click 'Next > Click 'Save & Close' 

Your campaign will now be ready for importing into SalesSeek via the Chrome Extension. 

Importing your MailChimp template to SalesSeek

Navigate to your SalesSeek account and click the Chrome extension icon on your tool bar > Click 'MailChimp Campaign Import' > three dots will appear as your campaigns are loaded. If you have a lot of campaigns this may take a few minutes. When your campaigns have loaded select a campaign and click Import. You can now open your campaign in SalesSeek.

Please note that MailChimp merge tags will need to be removed using the code editor.
MailChimp merge tags can be found in the Editor by searching for *|. Each MailChimp merge tag will contain this. For example: *|REWARDS|*

Common MailChimp merge tags and their replacements:

  • *|MC:SUBJECT|* - Replace with the title of your campaign

  • *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* - Replace with preview text you want visible in the recipients mailbox

  • *|EMAIL|* - Remove

  • The footer section contains: *|ABOUT_LIST|*, *|UNSUB|*, *|UPDATE_PROFILE|*, *|LIST:ADDRESSLINE|*, *|REWARDS|* - This section can be replaced with the SalesSeek merge tag for 'Unsubscribe' which can be selected in form the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the campaign builder

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