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GDPR Opt-In Consent Automation
GDPR Opt-In Consent Automation

Get opt-in consent from your Mailing List subscribers and remain GDPR compliant.

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With the impending arrival of GDPR regulation coming into effect on May 25th, you may need to request consent from your mailing list subscribers to continue sending your newsletters, promotional emails to them. To find out more about GDPR check out our blog and website

Creating a GDPR Consent Automation can be readily achieved in your system and requires around 10 minutes of set-up time following the step-by-step procedure below with a walkthrough video.

Step 1

Write an email explaining why you’re requesting opt-in. Explain the kind of emails that you will be sending to the mailing list and why they should remain part of it. For more information on this read the following blog.

There are two types of emails you can send: 1 - a plain text email with an opt-in link. 2 - an HTML email with an opt-in button.

Create the email in your CRM selecting either Direct or Campaign email. Remember, with our Chrome Plugin you can import any Mailchimp email campaigns that you may have. 

Step 2 

Decide on a URL that you wish to send people to when they have opted in. This could be a dedicated 'thank you' page or just your homepage. You need to copy the exact link you will be sending opt-ins to track their response.

Select the text that you wish to use as the link and paste the link into the field. Alternatively, if you are using an HTML email, paste the link in the button's link field. 

Step 3 

Create a Static Group in your system - this can have any name you like, in this example we called our 'GDPR Approved'.

Step 4 

We now need to create an Automation to do all the work of saving people who opt-in into the correct group. 

Navigate to Automation and create a new Automation. Give the Automation a name, in this example, we called ours 'GDPR Opt-In'. The Automation needs the following parameters:

Element = 'Individuals' 

Input = Add your Newsletter Mailing List group - in this example, our's is called '👑Universe' 

Event = 'Email campaign URL clicked' - because we want to track the link click in the email.
Campaign = Select the GDPR campaign we created in Step 1
URL (Optional) = Paste the URL we decided upon in Step 2

Step 5 

Set the Action of the Automation. 

Action = Join Group
Join = Select the Static Group we created in Step 3.

Save your Automation and turn it on. 

Before Launching Please Remember:

  1. Ensure you are tracking the correct link.

  2. Double-check you have added the correct email campaign to the GDPR automation.

  3. The automation has been turned on by pressing the ‘play’ button.

  4. Send a test email to yourself using a separate group to test the automation is working successfully. 

Note: to test an Automation you need to send a live campaign, you can not send a simple test email. 

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