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SalesSeek Google Chrome Plugin

Use the SalesSeek Google Chrome Plugin to access extended functionality & integrations

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The SalesSeek Chrome Plugin includes access to a number of integrated applications, extended Gmail functionality, and the ability to personalise the look of your SalesSeek application.


Import and export data to SalesSeek using integrations and enrichments with LinkedIn, Companies House, MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Google Contacts. 


Access the Gmail Settings in the bottom left corner of the chrome plugin


  • Toggle Google Gmail Add-on to get context of your SalesSeek contacts directly in your Gmail account. When receiving emails from, or replying to contacts, our Gmail Inbox Add-on displays their contact card in the side of the email thread. This card includes information such as, their organization, deals, tasks and other activities from their SalesSeek record. 

Personalise SalesSeek

Set your SalesSeek Profile photo as well as edit the look of your SalesSeek account by selecting 1 of 5 colour themes.

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