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An overview of the new Web Tracking feature in your CRM system

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What is Web Tracking?

Web Tracking in your CRM will allow you to see the step by step journey registered leads have taken through your website. Once an individual registers, your system uses cookies to gain data on what pages they visited prior and post registration. This data is then made visible in the Activity feed of the new individuals/deals created by the registration. 

An example of what the Web Tracking information will look like on the Activity Feed is seen below:

By filtering the Activity Feed by Web Activity you can see when and how frequently certain pages were visited.

The Value of Web Tracking

Web Tracking can have a variety of uses for your company:

  • Identify what pages people are visiting so your sales team can tailor their approach to target indicated areas of interest

  • Marketing teams can also gain insight into what pages are most/least visited and can then alter your website in order to improve the online customer experience

  • Measure website retention by seeing what pages customers are returning to for multiple visits 

How to Set-Up Web Tracking

If you've already got the line of your system's tracking code inserted into your registration form, Web Tracking should be activated automatically. 

If not, please follow the link to the following article in order to get this set up for you:

If you have any further questions regarding Web Tracking, feel free to contact one of the team via Intercom.

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