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Linking Web Forms to your CRM
Linking Web Forms to your CRM

Automatically transfer registrations from your website into leads on your system

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To fully sync your system with your business, the transfer of leads and their information into accounts within your sales funnel needs to occur seamlessly. To make this process easier, your CRM can automatically create profiles from customer information inputted into forms on your website.

The Value of Linking Web Forms

The obvious benefit of this is a reduced workload for your team, as lead information will not need to be manually added to your system. 

Step by step Set-Up

Step 1 - Open Web Leads Settings: 

Go onto App Settings > Web > Web Leads. The following window should appear:

Step 2 - Insert script link in HTML of the Form web page: 

The line of code seen under Web Leads will need to inserted into your registrations form page.

Note: It is recommended to insert the code within the <head></head> tags in either the header or footer of the page. Consult with your web developer if you're unsure how to complete this step. 

Step 3 - Set a CRM source for your form submissions:

Set a source location which will then be attached to all incoming leads from the form. This is done by selecting an option from the drop-down menu below Web Leads Source. 

Step 4 - Map form field names to CRM Fields:

Map the names of your HTML elements to fields within your system by clicking on 'New Mapping' under Web Form Mapping. The following window should appear:

Elements will need to be mapped to pre-existing fields within your CRM. Look at the above image for an example. 


If all fields have been correctly mapped, whenever a lead fills out your registration form a profile will be created for them on your system with all their information included within the profile's fields.  

If you have any further questions regarding linking web forms to your system, feel free to contact one of the team via Intercom.

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