Filters in the Activity Feed

Learn how to filter the Activity Feed to get only the information that's important to you.

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Your CRM Activity Feed is where the history of your relationship with your Deals, Contacts and Organizations lives. Everything from your emails and notes to invoices and web activity will be updated and stored on the Activity Feed. 

Sometimes, you only need certain pieces of the puzzle, which is why we allow you to filter the Activity Feed. 

  • Turn on and off the activities you wish to display you can find the information you need to quick by clicking the icons. 

  • You can decide whether you wish to see activities related to just this specific record, or an amalgamation of all related activities by switching the toggle.

  • With Activity Filters, your preferences are saved to whatever your last setup was. 


I've lost my activity notes or another type of activity.
Try resetting your activity filters - sometimes it's easy to forget when we have activated an activity filter.

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