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Creating a New Forecast of Smart Group of Deals
Creating a New Forecast of Smart Group of Deals

The following article describes the process of creating a forecast out of a smart group of deals

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As a user of our system you are able to create forecast out of smart group of deals. Smart groups allow you to filter data, defined by criteria or 'rules', for which all matching records are included. If you haven't come across smart groups, please have a look at these articles.

In order to create a forecast of a smart group of deals: 

1. Navigate to Deals section

2. Select Active Deals

3. Apply filters of your choice
4. Click ' ... ' and from the pop-up menu, select Save as Forecast

5. In the newly appeared pop-up window, give your forecast a title and press Save

6. Your forecast is now present in the Forecast section

⚠️ Forecasts are available on our Enterprise plan only. If you are on Professional plan and would like to upgrade, please contact support. 

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