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Missing Activity Notes
Missing Activity Notes

If you are missing Activity Notes in the Activity Feed or can't seem to find Activities for records this article will help.

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The Activity Feed is where all of your notes and record history live in your CRM. It's the place where you can see all of your calls, emails, automations, website visits, personal notes, invoice history etc. There can be a lot of information in your Activity Feed, which is why you can filter - so you can see only what's important to you.

  • Are you missing Activity Notes from your Feed that you know are there?

  • Is your Activity Feed blank?

  • Are you seeing only one type of Activity Note

It's probably because of filters. 

Here's how to fix it:

On your Activity Feed toggle the Filters tab and look to see which record types are illuminated. 

  • Record types that are blue are currently active and visible on the Activity Feed.

  • Record types that are grey are not active and not visible on the Activity Feed

To reset your Filters, click the red RESET button and all filters will return. This should solve your missing Activity Notes. See the animation below:

If you are still missing your Activity Notes after trying this please get in contact with our support team.

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