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Send a contact a templated email
Send a contact a templated email

Learn how to send a contact a templated email.

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Templated emails are email that you send to your prospects and customers on a regular basis. By making an email a templated email you will quickly be able to edit and send pre-written emails to your contacts.

In this article, you'll learn how to create, set and send templated emails. If you have any questions, just contact the team

How a ‘template’ email works:

A template email is an easy way to send an email that was previously designed. Just start by creating a Campaign. Make sure you include the word ‘template’ in your campaign name and choose the ‘Campaign Email’ option.

You can now start editing your email design using HTML or simple plain text. You can add text, pictures, whatever you find appropriate. When you feel happy with your template just click on the ‘Save Draft’ button.

Next step, open the contact which you want to send the email and click on ‘Select templated email’, as you can see there is the template we created previously, and it will show us any Campaign Drafts that contain the word ‘template’ on it, so be careful with that. Notice that if the contact record doesn’t have an email associated, this option will not show.

After you pick your template, click on the  ‘edit’ button, and you will see the same panel as before, so you will be able to change anything that you may have missed in your original template and personalise it for your recipient. Now, add a Subject and click on next.

Now you can preview your email, make sure it’s all as you intend. Be certain that the receivers are who you selected. If everything is correct, click on ‘next’.

Final step, choose if you want to send the email now or in another time, check the Summary and if it’s all good you can click on Launch Campaign.


What if the contact doesn’t have an email address in the system?

If the contact doesn't have an email address listed in the system, then the option to send a templated email will not show in the record.

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