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You can now track down all changes that were being made to your Contacts, Organizations and Deals!

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Introducing the Change Log. Admins can check and track all changes that have been made to Contacts, Organizations or Deals for the past 30 days.

This functionality is available to system Admins only.

After clicking on the chosen Contact/Organization/Deal you should now see one additional icon on the top section which signifies the history of the changes that were made.

When the icon is clicked a window called "Change Log" should pop up looking like this:


  • "Event" - shows you if an entity has been Updated/Created/Deleted etc.

  • "Event Description" - a 'before and after' view of information that has changed.

  • "Date + Time" - when was the entity changed.

  • "User" - by who was the entity changed.

You can download the log as a CSV for your records.

If you have any questions about the update please get in touch with our Support Team.

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