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Update: Protected Groups
Update: Protected Groups

Introducing you the Protected option based on Groups

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Quite often admins in the system would like to create reports for their users to which they don't have permission to change the filters of the group that they want to use for the report.
Because of that we now introduce you to the Protected option.

To get to that option you simply need to click on the three dots on the group that you wish to work with and go to the 'Edit...' page:

Then you'll see the 'Protected' toggle bar. After the toggle is switched on the group refreshes and the non-admin users cannot see the 'Filter' section, can't edit the 'Permissions' of the group, cant access saving the group as Smart/Static et cetera:

* Their screen should look like this*

If you're having additional queries on the 'Protected' group please reach out to Salesseek Support.

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