How to create, edit, manage and assign tasks

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Tasks can be used to support your day-to-day workflow. Tasks allow you to prioritize objectives by time and make sure that you get reminded when it is due. 

You can create tasks against all types of records in the system and you can assign them to yourself or any other user in the system. 

When you are set a task by another user, you will also receive an email notification alerting you to your new assignment. You can manage your notifications in 'My Settings' > 'Email Notifications'. 

Creating a Task

There are three ways to create a task:

Quick Add

From the navigation bar, click '+ Create New' and select 'Task'

Add from Tasks Section

Click on 'Tasks' when on the page click on 'New' in the top right of the screen.

Create Tasks from a Record.

When viewing a record, behind the 'Activity Feed' there is the 'Tasks' section. 

In the top right of the screen click 'New' to add a new  task related to that record.

Task Content

A Task is compromised of 4 Elements

  1. The task Description

  2. The Due Date

  3. The user the task is set to

  4. The record the task relates to

The description is what needs to be performed eg. follow up call.

The due date, is when you would like the task to be actioned. 

The user is yourself or your colleague 

The record is either the individual, deal or organisation for whom the task is set against.

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