This article and automations feature have been depreciated. If your Automations feature looks like this, please inform us and we will migrate you to the new version. 

As the name suggests, Automations allow you to automate common tasks within SalesSeek. 

Common uses for automations are: 

  • Sending a welcome email to new leads. 
  • Sending an email to all imported leads from an event.
  • Setting a member of your team a task when a deal reaches a certain phase in your funnel.
  • Setting a member of your team a task when a lead clicks the link in a marketing campaign. 

Creating an Automation. 

In this example we are creating a task when a deal reaches the negotiating phase.

Click on Automations in the menu panel.

Click New Automation

Fill in the form with the details required to create the automation. In this example the Element needs to be Deal, and the Input is a group that contains all deals at the negotiating stage. 

Click Save, your automation will be created, but will be set to paused by default. When you are ready for the automation to start, click Run Automation

This automation will now run each time a deal enters the Negotiating Phase group.

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