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How to set Gmail as your default email client
How to set Gmail as your default email client

Ever click on a mail link in your CRM only to have your browser attempt to open the wrong email client? Suffer no more!

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Our CRM uses mailto links which are essentially a type of hyperlink, but rather than opening a new webpage, it opens your email client at the compose window (usually with the email address already filled). 

If you use Windows the usual default is to open Outlook, on a Mac, it's generally the Mail app, but what if you'd prefer to use Gmail instead?

Make Gmail Default

Firstly, open up Google Chrome, and go to Gmail. In the address bar, a small icon should appear that looks like two overlapping diamonds. If you do not see this icon, skip to the Verify Setting section. 

Click on the icon, then choose Allow, and then click Finished

This will now set Gmail as the default email client for clicking email links within Chrome. 

Verify Setting

To verify that the correct setting has been saved. Go to Chrome Settings. 

Scroll to the bottom and click Show Advanced Settings.

Under Privacy, click on the Content Settings button. 

In the popup window, scroll to Handlers and click Manage Handlers

In the popup window. Ensure that the mailto section is set to

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