Step 1)
You'll either need to be on the 'Enterprise Plan' to host documents or you'll need some method of hosting the logo you want to use publicly. 

Using SalesSeek (Enterprise Customers)

  1. Go to Content > Public Files > File hosting > Upload
  2. Upload the version of your logo you wish to use in your signature.

   3. Note the public URL, you'll need this for later. If you don't have access to public files in SalesSeek you'll need to get the public URL for your image wherever it is hosted.

Step 2) Copy your ENTIRE email signature from your email client.

Step 3) Go to My Settings > Email Signature > Paste in your copied signature.

Step 4) This is where it gets a little tricky. Right-Click and select 'inspect'. You then want to select the top left icon from the inspect bar that appears. Once you have selected that, click on your logo in the Email signature.

Step 5) Right-click on the highlighted blue text in the inspect bar and 'Edit as HTML'

Step 6) Remove everything between the quotation marks and replace with the link to your public logo. NB - ONLY REMOVE THE TEXT BETWEEN THE QUOTATION MARKS THAT APPEARS AFTER: src=" 

Step 7) Repeat this process for the second text appearing after the second: src=" 

Step 8) Click out of the text box and click save in the 'Email Signature' box in SalesSeek.

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