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Credas AML Integration
Credas AML Integration

The following content describes in simple detail the workflows applied by our vanilla AML integration with Credas

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What is Credas?

A simple, slick and smart digital due diligence provider transforming the way businesses manage their compliance and customer onboarding processes. Purpose - to allow customers to automate their customer onboarding and compliance checks through the use of slick, simple and user friendly technology.

What are the minimum necessary Credas details required for the Integration to work?

  • Journey Id: this is the unique identifier of the AML process your contacts are to go through while being in business with you. Please check with your Credas point(s) of contact.

  • Users setup: our Credas integration offers "AML Report Review" (details to follow shortly), which requires the users using the Credas integration to be also created in Credas system.

Once the above items are confirmed to be provided and setup, the CRM team can activate the integration.

How does the integration work?

The minimum data required to start the integration includes - first name, last name, job role, organisation and email address of the contact who is to be AML checked. Once the above is collected, you can refer to button 'Credas AML' (located on the contact view).

Upon clicking the button, you will be presented with a screen, which includes three options:

  1. Start AML Process
    - upon selection, the integration would validate the contact data provided and send that information to Credas. Once Credas processes the information, the CRM contact record would be updated, holding key Credas information (more details shortly).

  2. View AML Report
    - upon selection, the integration opens up the Credas portal, where the user can see extended details about the contact.

  3. Check Duplicates
    - upon selection, the integration checks if another contact with the same first name, last name and email address already started or completed AML journey. If yes, the AML data is replicated on the original contact. Note: duplicates check can only be run for contacts who have not started or completed a journey.

Once the contact completes the Credas journey flow, we are notified of this event and so the respective custom fields in the CRM are updated. The integration uses field 'Credas Process Id' to find the target contact of the event notification.

CRM Integration Fields

  1. Credas Process ID (text)
    Field used to capture the unique identifier for the process started by Credas platform. Field value is set when process starts, and when there is a process update event sent from Credas. The unique identifier value is used to find the relevant contact.

  2. Credas AML Completed (date)
    Field used when the Credas process is complete. Value of the field is set as the date when the event takes place.

  3. Credas AML Last Update (date)
    Field used to track last Credas update received. Value of the field is updated each time a new update is received

  4. Credas Status (dropdown - options: Not Started, In Progress, Complete, Deleted, Pending Approval, Rejected, Expired, Archived)
    Field used to track status updates from Credas.

  5. Credas Process Expiry Date (date)
    Field updated when "Expired" status is received from Credas.

  6. Credas AML Expiry Date (date)
    Field updated when process is completed. The value is set to a date, 12 months in the future.

  7. Credas Entity Id (text)
    Field used to capture the Credas contact unique identifier. This field is used when generating magic link for the AML report.

Last updated: 30/05/2023

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