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Organizations Parent-Child Relationship
Organizations Parent-Child Relationship
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In some cases the business needs require two or more organizations to be considered part of one, often referred to as "Parent" organization. Our product has a functionality which will allow you to achieve this and this is how:
1. First you have to create your so called "Parent" Organization.

2. Once you've chosen a name for your organization and you have saved it, it's time to find the "Children" and add them to our Parent organization. Let's assume that both organizations are one after another and we can easily choose both from a group of our choice.

3.Once we've found them, we need to click on the tick Icons on the left of both Organizations and then (in the top left corner) click the Edit button which will appear.

4. When we click Edit, we need to choose the Custom Field which we want to update for both of these Organizations. In our case, this is the "Parent Organization" Field.

5.Then we need to click Next and choose the value we want populated on this custom field for our two organizations. Let's say that our Parent organization's name is "Test Parent Org". We type in the name and it appears as an option to select. When you've chosen your Parent organization, you click Next and wait for both organizations to update (will take approximately 5 seconds)

6. Afterwards, you can find your Parent organization and on it's record you will see the two related organizations.

There are cases in which the organizations that you want to bundle may not be easily accessable from a smart or a static group and you will need to look for them separately. In that case, you can manually populate the "Parent Organization" custom field from within your chosen organization's record. It will appear in the "Additional Information" section.

What you need to do is click on "Search for an organization" and type in the name of your Parent organization. When you do this, the aformentioned organization will become a "Child" of your "Parent" one.

If you have any questions in relation to his article please refer to our Custome Support team.

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