How It Works

  1. A business card is scanned and the contact is added to FullContact

  2. Zapier automation creates a new contact in your CRM.

What You Need

Step 1. Join the SalesSeek Beta Program

Step 2. Select Full Contact as the Trigger. 

Step 3. Click 'Save & Continue'

Step 4. Connect a new account

Step 5. Click to get your 'FullContact Access Token'

Step 6. Copy your token and paste it into the box and click continue.

Step 7. Test the connection.

Step 8. Save and Continue.

Step 9. Click 'Fetch & Continue'

Step 10. Add an Action 

Step 11. Search and Select SalesSeek.

Step 12. Select the relevant Action. 

Step 13.  Click 'Save & Continue' then Log into Your CRM Account 

Step 14. Map the relevant fields in your system with the fields in Full Contact. 

Step 15. Review the connections and Click 'Create & Continue'. 

Step 16. Test the Connection and Click Finish. 


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