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What is a Smart Group and how do I use one?
What is a Smart Group and how do I use one?
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Smart Groups are a workspace group of individuals, organizations or deals that is defined by criteria or 'rules', for which all matching records are included.

You'll need to choose whether you would like a group of Individuals, Organizations or Deals. Once you've created a smart group it will be populated with all the records of that type in your database.

You can then click on the

button in the top right corner of the newly created group. You will then see a list of quick filters to sub-set the group.

Once the first filter is selected you can then add additional 'OR' criteria by clicking the

icon on the existing rule. You can also create an additional 'AND' rules which create further criteria that must be met to be included in the group. There is no limit on the number of rules you can include to define your group.

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