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3. Configuring Funnel Phases
3. Configuring Funnel Phases

Customise to suit your sales workflow.

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One of the best ways you can configure the system to be in line with your sales process is to change the names, order and number of phases in your funnel. By default we configure your account with the following phases:

  1. Prospect

  2. Interested

  3. Qualified

  4. Developed

  5. Agreed

To change the default settings go to App Settings > Deals & Forecasts > Funnel Phases

If you're unsure what to set your Funnel Phases to, this blog post may help.

To edit an existing phase, hover over the phase and click the edit icon. You can edit the Name, Info and Default Weight using this method. 

You can also re-order the phases by grabbing the handle to the left of each phase.

You can set the following information on each phase:

  • Name - This is the name displayed in the Funnel on the Dashboard and Deals section.

  • Phase Info - This information will be displayed upon hovering over the phase name in the funnel. This is to provide users with more information about the criteria for a deal to be moved to this phase. 

  • Default Weight This is the weighting that will be automatically applied to all deals in this phase in the forecast. It can then be changed on a deal by deal basis

  • Order is the order which they appear in the Dashboard and Deals section.

You can also create new phases by clicking on the New Phase button in the top right-hand corner of the window.

To delete a phase, hover over the phase and click the delete button to the right. 

Note:  You will not be able to delete a phase that contains existing deals. You will need to delete or move these deals before deleting the phase. You can rename the phase.

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