For various reasons you may wish to have SalesSeek send an automated email. Two of the most common are:

  • Registration on your website
  • Joining a certain workspace group or list.

The second of these is highly configurable when combined with Smart Groups, which can be based on almost any piece of recorded data to determine the members of the list.

To create any automated email you'll first need two things created:

  1. An Input Group This is a group of individuals that will act as the trigger for the automation. No individuals can trigger an automation without existing in this group.
    Note: This group should not contain any individuals that you do not wish to receive an email when you initially setup the automation. All existing individuals will receive the mailshot immediately after the automation is create as it catches up.

  2. A Mailshot You'll need to prepare a mailshot that is ready to send before automating it. You can find the steps to create a mailshot here: Creating an Email Campaign

Once you have created the above two items you'll need to go to the

section of SalesSeek and click on the '+' icon next to

You will then be presented with a form asking for the following:

A short internal name for your automation

A full description of what the automation does and why. It is useful to be verbose with the description to allow others to easily understand what are sometimes complex workflows.

This is the workspace group of individuals that will trigger the automation

This is the event. If you're creating an automation triggered by a website registration select 'Registered on Website'. To creating it based on an input group select 'Joined Group' or 'Left Group' to determine the trigger

This is the action you would like the automation to take. Select 'Send a mailshot' and you will be presented with two further options:

Select the prepared mailshot from step 2 above.

Send to
Select 'Individual'.

Note: Selecting 'group' will send the mailshot to the entire group whenever it is triggered. This is primarily used for internal communications and not email campaigns.

Attached below this article are two quick reference guides. One for creating an automated email from a website form registration. The other based on an example for sending an automated mailshot based on a smart group.

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