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How can I create a group?
How can I create a group?
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We have two kinds of groups within the system: Smart groups and Static groups.
Smart groups are dynamic and constantly changing depending on who matches or no longer matches the criteria set. Static groups are fixed, so you can always refer back to the group as a point of reference. Groups can be created in 'Contacts' (individuals & organisations) and within the 'Deals' section.

In order to create a smart or static group of either individuals, organisations or deals:

1. Navigate to the section of your choice and select the [...] located just next to the the title of the section

2. In the appeared pop-up window, you will be able to select the kind of group you  wish to create

⚠️ Note: We advice that before creating smart or static group(s), you should be familiar with common usage of groups and advanced filtering. Read more: Introduction to Groups

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