What are merge tags? Merge tags is functionality and a term used by most email providers that allow you to dynamically add content to your email and customise your campaigns to best suit the recipient.

The system recognises the merge tag in your email and substitutes it with whatever personalised data you may have for the contact.

For example, if you sent an email to a contact called 'Jane' and wrote:

Hi ${individual.first_name},

the system would replace the merge tag to read: Hi Jane.

Merge tags can be used throughout the system, however, in most circumstances, you will be presented a drop-down menu of available merge tags which you can use:

Here is a list of common merge tags you can use in the system:

Individual Fields

Full Name


First Name


Last Name


Photo URL


Email Address


Custom Field (xyz)


Organization FieldsĀ 

Organization Name


Organization Phone


Organization Custom Field (XYZ)


For a full list of merge tags in the system, see your drop-down menu.

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