You can save emails sent from any email client to SalesSeek and relate it directly to a record. 

You'll need to make sure of two things:

  1. You are sending the email from your registered SalesSeek email address. (This is the address you use to log in.)
  2. BCC:
    Your client ID is the URL prefix that you use to access your SalesSeek account. e.g.


What if the person I'm emailing doesn't exist in SalesSeek?
If the person doesn't exist in SalesSeek as a contact record yet, then we will create it with as much information that is available through that address. This usually includes; First name, Last Name and Email.

Saving Deal Related Emails

If your email is more relevant to a particular deal rather than an individual, you can include the deal abbreviation at the of the beginning of the archive address to save it against the deal. The recipient doesn't then need to exist in the system. e.g.

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