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Multi Funnel allows users to create multiple funnels simultaneous, each with different phases. This allows you to map different business & sales processes in a single instance of the system.

Some common examples of multi-funnel include:

  1. Long vs Short Sales Cycles
    You may have a short [Prospect > Qualified > Quote > Close] cycle but also a longer process such as Tender / RFP processes.

  2. Different Processes for Different Product / Service Types
    For example, your software license product might include stages for Proof of Concept whereas your consultancy services may not.

  3. Post-Sale Action
    You may wish to split your stages across different funnels or use your system to continue managing the process after the Sale. You can create an additional funnel and drag deals into it instead of 'Won' or 'Lost'
    ​For more assistance on how to configure your own funnel, you can use our Sales Funnel Engine

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