SalesSeek uses a service called Mandrill, from the makers of Mailchimp, for the provider for our email campaign sending. When you send email campaigns from SalesSeek these will be sent via Mandrill but appearing to come from your email address.

Some email clients of your recipients will note that the email has not come directly from you, but rather via third party and may display a variation of 'sent via'

This can be avoided by authorizing Mandrill the right to use your domain when sending emails on your behalf. To do this, you will need to have access to the hosting service of your domain name e.g. GoDaddy

By completing this process you will also benefit from a better reputation with your client's email provider. This will lessen the chance of being classified as promotional or spam content. From Mid-April 2016, all sending domains are required to have completed the DKIM & SPF Signing process

To complete these processes, you'll need to follow the instructions outlined by Mandril here. Once you have completed this, please contact us at to confirm the correct configuration is applied and working as it should. We will also asked you to complete a final verification step.

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