The SalesSeek Chrome plugin has two main functions. LinkedIn Contact Clipper and Gmail Widget

LinkedIn Contact Clipper

Save heaps of time by automatically saving LinkedIn contacts to SalesSeek with the click of a button, including all available contact and profile information.

Gmail Widget

Get context of your SalesSeek contacts directly in your Gmail account. When receiving emails from, or replying to contacts, our Gmail widget displays their contact card in the side of the email thread. This card includes information such as, their organization, deals, tasks and other activities from their SalesSeek record.

You also have the ability to create new Deals, complete Tasks and access the SalesSeek Dashboard, contact card, organization, deals, or tasks with a single click. Simple.

Forget having to copy and paste your contact’s email addresses. When composing an email in Gmail you can also search and select contacts from Gmail's compose window, giving you access to your entire SalesSeek contact list.

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